Sunday, October 30, 2011


This inscription is done by the wagon train leader, L. J. Rose. he was the one who led the ill fated wagon train in 1858. There are four separate postings with six inscription names tied to this event. Mr. Rose, Sallie Fox, Miss A. E. Baley, John Udell, Isaac Holland, and P. H. Williamson. Rose was originally from Germany but made his fortune in dry-goods in Iowa. He led the group of forty families toward California in 1858, stopping by El Morrow for water. It was at this time when several of the members left their mark upon the sandstone walls. After they left here they were attacked by the Colorado River by Mojave Indians. There is insignificant history to know who all of the survivors were, but we do know that Rose was one. The remnants of the party walked most of the way back to New Mexico,and spent the winter there. In the spring most of them started again to California with Lt. Edward F. Beale, a man which is tied to many other inscriptions.

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